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Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy (モンキー・D・ルフィ, Monkī D. Rufi?) is a fictional character and the leading protagonist in the anime and manga series One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates.
Luffy gained stretching powers from eating the Gomu Gomu no Mi, one of many Devil Fruits in One Piece. As a result, Luffy’s body gained the properties of rubber, giving him incredible stretching abilities. Luffy uses the malleability of his limbs to achieve tremendous velocity to strike enemies with devastating impact. His rubber body is virtually immune to recoil from these attacks, and blunt objects such as punches and even bullets deflect off him harmlessly. Fighters with superhuman strength however, such as CP9 member Rob Lucci, have proven capable of damaging Luffy regardless of his normal resistance. Luffy’s body also resists electricity, an ability which gave him an advantage while fighting Enel. Luffy is also able to store large amounts of liquids in his body (such as water) as seen during his battle with Crocodile. Like all Devil Fruit users, Luffy cannot swim.Luffy’s most powerful abilities are his upgraded Gears, which he developed after being beaten effortlessly by Admiral Aokiji. Luffy’s Gears are used to enhance his basic attacks, and are regarded as different forms of his regular body. To date, Luffy has used two forms in the story; Gear Second and Gear Third. He has also been shown as capable of using both techniques simultaneously, although it greatly strains Luffy’s body.


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